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Shift. Sometimes in order to move forward in life, you need a shift in your physical and emotional state. Something is holding you back, and you can't shake those old patterns! Vibrational bodywork  nudges you from the status quo position to a new possibility. Every bodywork practice I offer comes from a vibrational point of view: speaking to your body in its fundamental language, I can help you unlock that path forward!

Below is an overview of the types of bodywork I offer: Massage Therapy, Visceral and Neural Manipulation, CranioSacral therapy, Energy work and Sound Therapy, (BioAcoustics, Clinical Harp therapy and Quartz Singing Bowls). I combine some of these modalities in your session to address your needs in the moment.  If you have questions after reading the descriptions below, feel free to call or email me before scheduling!

1/2 hour session: $45, One hour session: $80, One and one-half hour session: $110, Two hour session: $150.  I also sell punchcards- when you buy 5, one-hour sessions at once for $365, you'll save $35.  Purchase a session by clicking on this text: Buy a punchcard!

Massage Therapy: 

 Everyone needs touch- it is fundamental to our good health.  Your body's largest organ is your skin; when you receive touch therapeutically, your heart rate slows and your blood pressure and stress hormones decrease, thus fortifying your immune system.

Massage therapy provides stress relief, helps the body release toxins, relieves pain and gives a feeling of well-being.  There are many wonderful benefits of receiving massage; for a great description, see the  Benefits of Massage page.

Often, we are held back by old beliefs which are no longer true. These are stored in our bodies and in our subconscious minds, and keep us from truly expressing our essential selves. I use massage as one of many tools to help you peel away layers of old patterns in mind and body, so that you are freed to live your full potential. 

Visceral and Neural Manipulation:

Each organ, artery, nerve, etc. has its particular "dance", and when its connective tissue sling is unrestricted, it moves in harmony with its fellow internal body structures. Free movement of these structures is primary to good health!

But when an organ or nerve cannot move in harmony with its neighbors because of physical or emotional trauma, its movement is interrupted. This creates tension that the body is forced to move around. And that chronic irritation paves the way for postural distortion, a decrease in functioning, and disease processes.

Visceral and Neural Manipulation, founded by Jean-Pierre Barral, RPT DO and Alain Croibier, are used to locate and solve problems throughout the body. They encourage your own natural mechanisms to improve the functioning of these internal structures, decrease stress, enhance mobility of your body's muscles and influence general metabolism.

How are Visceral and Neural Manipulation Performed?

Visceral Manipulation is based on specific, soft manual touch to encourage the normal mobility, tone and motion of the viscera and their connective tissues, creating harmony and health. The body may adjust immediately, or take several weeks after receiving VM input. Neural Manipulation  assesses and treats restrictions in the cranium/spine hard frame and in the neural contents of the spinal column. Both VM and NM release restrictions that hold you back in body and mind!
Following is a partial list of disorders that can be helped by these modalities:

Acute Disorders
Whiplash, TBI and concussion
Seatbelt Injuries
Sports Injuries

Digestive Disorders
Bloating and Constipation

Nausea and Acid Reflux
Swallowing Dysfunctions

Women's and Men's Health Issues
Chronic Pelvic Pain
Fibroids and Cysts
Bladder, Prostate Dysfunction
Effects of Menopause

Musculoskeletal Disorders
Headaches and Migraines
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Sciatica and lower back pain

Pain Related to
Post-operative Scar Tissue
Post-infection Scar Tissue

Pediatric Issues
Constipation and Gastritis

Persistent Vomiting
Infant Colic
and Birth injuries

Emotional Issues
Anxiety and Depression
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Craniosacral Therapy:

Craniosacral therapy uses very light touch at the head and sacrum and at various points on the body  to balance the craniosacral system , which includes the 22 separate bones of the skull, nerves, craniosacral fluid, and connective tissues of the cranium and spinal cord. The fluid that surrounds the brain and flows from the cranium to the sacrum along the spinal cord is called craniosacral fluid; its slow pulse is called the craniosacral rhythm (CSR).  
During a session, I feel for disturbances in the rate, amplitude, symmetry, and quality of flow of the CSR.  By listening with my hands to the movement of the CSR, I help your body make the shifts it needs to come back into balance.
Craniosacral therapy is ideally suited for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, headaches, chronic middle ear infection, pain, and general health maintenance. It is recommended for autism, fibromyalgia, heart disease, pneumonia, arthritis, chronic sinus infections, and gastroenteritis. It is also used with other therapies to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, back pain, and menstrual irregularity. In addition, there are reported benefits for eye dysfunction, dyslexia, depression, motor coordination difficulties, TMJ, hyperactivity, colic, asthma in babies, floppy baby syndrome, whiplash, cerebral palsy, certain birth defects, and other central nervous system disorders.

 Energy Work:

Although it's something most people can't perceive, the human  energy field counts among the systems of the human body, just like the circulatory system, the pulmonary system, etc .  Your energy system regulates the flow of electromagnetic energy in your body.  Every living thing, including every cell of your body, is in a constant state of vibration. This creates an electromagnetic field around your body, which can be sensed by others, and accessed for healing.  When you enter a room and take an immediate like or dislike to someone you've never met, this is an example of two energy fields meeting and exchanging information!  

We can influence the health of the body by addressing the energy field, and vice versa.  I use my intuition and training in Healing Touch to listen to your body and address its energetic and physical needs.  Energy work can be performed with the client clothed, or unclothed and draped with a sheet; I place my hands on or off the body, sensing where the energy "needs me to go."  Often, you will experience deep relaxation; sometimes, blockages are cleared, and you will have a lot of energy!


Bioacoustics recognizes that your body, and every element within your body (eyelashes, magnesium, cardiac muscle, etc.), vibrates at its own frequency.  When any of those frequencies are "off" because of environmental factors, emotional upheaval, or physical trauma, imbalance and illness can result.  By speaking the body’s language -patterns of frequency- we can support its natural form and function.

 Here’s how it works:  Your voice is analyzed through a computer program, creating a “vocal profile”.  Any stressed frequencies are identified and a formula of low-frequency sounds is created.  Listening through speakers or headphones to this sound formula entrains your brain wave frequencies.  This acts as a support to your body until it can sustain those frequencies independently, to bring itself back into balance. 

 Who can benefit from BioAcoustics?  The people who ask for BioAcoustics have often not had luck with conventional medicine.  Those who take part in the BioAcoustic process may experience the following:

  • reduction in pain and anxiety 
  • emotional healing
  • reduction in hormone, enzyme and biochemical imbalances
  • detection and removal of toxins
  • nutritional information can be acted upon to help the body heal itself


You may come in for a nutritional report based on the frequencies in your voice and body: the fee is $80/hour for a print out with initial analysis, to help you further check into the nutrition your body is asking for.

For the entire sound presentation process, I charge $110 for a one and one-half hour session, during which we record your voice, run it through two computer programs, come up with some frequencies that we test through biofeedback, giving you a tone box that will play those frequencies to listen to at home.  There is a rental fee of $60/month to rent the tone box. 

Depending on your body's issues, you can listen to your tones for a week, or you can listen for months- it depends on how entrenched your issues are, how dedicated you are in your listening, and how sensitive you are to tones.  You listen for 15min every four waking hours until your body has shifted and you no longer like your tones, while you keep a mental or written log of any changes you notice in sleeping, eating, emotions, digestion, elimination, etc.  Then, if you still need the tones to address your particular problem, you come back in for another voice print, and the process repeats until you are satisfied with your outcome. 

Vibrational Sound Therapy:

Sometimes in the course of a session, it becomes clear that there's a need for an extra "nudge" to loosen tight muscles, soften unyielding connective tissue, or to expand contracted energies.  I've found sound, as a vibrational element, to be a powerful ally in my healing toolbox.  Whether the client creates a vocal sound, or I use my voice or a singing bowl, these vibrations, coupled with touch, create almost invariably relaxation and ease where before there was stress and tightness!

This kind of sound therapy is different from BioAcoustics, which is sound based on vocal analysis and which is a separate modality listed as "Sound Therapy" in the Services section- see above.

Transitional Care: 

I love to bring my therapy harp to play for someone who has just been discharged from the hospital or another facility. Often, people who have experienced hospitalization feel anxiety and pain upon returning home; harp music soothes, relieves stress, decreases pain, and creates an environment that allows the patient to heal faster.  I also play harp or singing bowls for hospice patients, to help them in their transition. I charge $100 to travel to your site to provide this service for one hour. Read about harp music's healing qualities, and check out my YouTube channel to listen to my harp music: - Video slides and harp music - Singing bowls 



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